Monday, February 7, 2011

Long overdue

I have promised Sue Gillison that I will post here her students' comments about the presentation on COS Library resources from last semester. Sorry, Sue!

First, what they have learned:
"I've learned
....that the library has a lot of resources besides books and magazines and that there are tutors that can help students with their subjects... how to use eBooks...where I can access info on different links on the library website such as Credo, Gale and citing books from the available resources. I have also been able to finally access my email account and Blackboard info...I have gone through the online "tutorial" with another class a while back, but had forgotten how much info is available. Will definitely put it to use. Thank you!...different services that are offered, tutoring, citation help and to get around our own personalized page for Sue's class...that there are eBooks available through NetLibrary - very helpful!...all the great resources: Proquest, Gale, etc...thank you, this is very informative and plan on using these neat tools to complete my research paper...there are many different links and websites to help me with my physiology's easier to navigate than I thought...there are many resources available to for research made easier for students. I never knew that class guidelines had professor & class with shortcuts to to use Credo Reference and how to email information with MLA citation...different resources for research to use to navigate through the links and how to utilize it for my research paper...the vast amount of information - it's to use library page and how to use different links...COS library resources can be cited directly from the page in the format of my choosing & can be emailed! So useful!...we have free access to a variety of eBooks. This will definitely come in handy when doing papers for any class at to access the library, log into eBooks...great tools...there are many resources I was unaware of that will be so helpful...COS Library has a Writing Center which I am definitely going to take advantage of...COS Library has a lot of services available...the variety of sources to look information from...about quiet study area on the second floor. I never knew that place to use library in a better way."

And now, some of the "muddy points" and questions:

Q: How to set up a group or single tutoring? Will there be any tutor at nigh or on the weekend?
A: Tutorial Center hours are Monday-Thursday 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. and Friday 7:30 a.m. to noon. Some tutoring is walk-in, for some you need to make an appointment.

One students was confused about life. Me, too.

Q: How to get to some sites.
A: Ask a Librarian. Name of the database or website will help.

Suggestion: make class guide look more interesting and inviting to use.
A: Thank you. I will try.

"Too much info to keep hold up but everything pretty easy to access...I am not confused about anything. Everything was clear and understandable. Thank you for your time!...Actually, Milena answered all my questions by offering this orientation of the library resources. Very helpful and lots of information."

One student was confused about overall content of program, but I am not sure what that means.

Wikipedia can't be that bad :-)
A: Not bad, just wicked :-)

"I am not really confused but I just need to mess around on the site more to navigate it comfortably...I am quite confident about resources available to me as well as who to find when I am in need for help or have a question...I will just have to navigate through. There was so much gone over that it was overwhelming."


Hanford students' responses...

... to last Wednesday's presentation were good. Thank you, Maggie, for forwarding them!
One student mentioned that: "as far as a research paper is concerned we are set up very nicely for success."
I hope that we can make more students feel this way.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Distance learning for Hanford students

Margaret Webley and I are really excited about working together this evening in two COS campuses. Maggie and her English 1 students will be in Hanford, in one of the distance learning classrooms, and I will be in Visalia.
It is good to know that Patrick will be with Maggie to make sure technology behaves.
Who knows? I might get used to presenting in an empty classroom with 3 projectors.
Looking forward to hearing/reading students' comments...