Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back to Hanford tomorrow!

While I am getting ready for another class with Lyndsi's students, it will be nice to write here what they have learned last Wednesday, August 25th. Yes, it was a very hot day, about 108F!
So, here we go:
"COS Library has many good resources that help individuals to get information for themselves. Also for research papers...library is a great help. You can easily research anything because a library has everything...Assignment Research Calculator will help me when I'm doing a research paper...I learned that I could get in contact with a librarian and how to be more organized using the Assignment Research Calculator...It looks very helpful. I did not know that link would be so nice and easy to use...It has very useful information and it is easier for us students to access...I learned that a librarian is a lot more helpful and knowledgeable to give you the right resources...Librarians can help me find more than just resources in books...Going to time management link I can plan how to write my essay and when to do certain parts...There are many ways to research a topic: catalogs, collections & computer resources. Even a librarian can go way beyond those resources...I learned that in COS Library they can help you with some of your work like writing a research paper and you can also ask a librarian question by sending an email...I can look for research information for most papers I will do in college...You can find any information about any subject for writing a paper...I learned what a Blog was...I have learned about a new website that will help me a lot on how to write a paper or if I have a question I can ask a librarian...I learned how to access the websites & get the help I need."

Monday, August 30, 2010

What Vanessa's studens said they've learned:

"I learned there is many different ways to study here. You can get any kind of help with any class...Where the Writing Center really is and there's a list of collections of books...I don't have to be nervous to ask a librarian for help...There is a lot of people that can help me out in the library...There is a lot of help out here and I never knew...I learned where to go when I need help. Also, to have quiet study groups...They have study rooms for groups & magazine lounge area...I learned that we could access the library at home or where I could access Internet...No matter what you do or whatever class you have there is always help inside the library at COS...They will help me with any subject and find book and study in a quiet environment as well...Don't be afraid to ask questions and where to find everything in the library because of the map...Now I know here everything in the library is and where I can get help with homework, how to research for info or who to ask...I learned that libraries give you access to resources that go beyond the pages of books or web site. It's a helpful place for studying...There are resources for all your needs and there is tutoring...How to find information about classes or research paper...That we have our class books reserved sometimes"

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Counseling 110

Yesterday, Vanessa Buldo and her FYE students came to the COS Library for their first session of the library component for COUN 110 class. There were some interesting comments and questions that I plan on posting here, probably tomorrow. OK, I promise...
And today, I am going to meet Lyndsi Litten's COUN 110 students in Hanford!

Human Physiology class library orientation

I had a real pleasure to work with Sue Gillison and her Human Physiology (Biology 31) class Monday evening (August 23rd). They will be researching prescription and over-the-counter medications and their interactions with human physiological system.
I will be posting and answering students questions right here on this blog. Stay tuned!